Closeup image of a nicely renovated kitchen and living room with wood cabinets and black countertops


Take a look at some recent projects we've completed:

Project One: A 6-week, custom-designed project of over 9,000 square feet. 

Project Two: Regular maintenance of mowing, trimming, and flower bed clean-ups.

Project Three: One-week remodeling project, custom-designed to fit around a gas pipe.

Project Four: Full day, custom-designed back yard fire pit. 

Project Five: Sod installation to site. 

Project Six: Renovation which includes cobble and river rock with bark, as well as staining and installation of fence. 

Project Seven: Installation of cobble rocks, seasonal annuals, bark, various plants and outdoor lighting fixtures. Pathway was created to driveway.

Project Eight: Clean-up of blackberry bushes.

Project Nine: Plant demolition.

Project Ten: One week project of moss removal throughout the entire court. 

Project Eleven: Roof and gutter clean-up

Project Twelve: Sod installation and front porch remodel.

Project Thirteen: Installation of over 3,500 square feet of sod. 

Project Fourteen: One week remodel. Custom-designed stairs as well as clean-up around the area.

Project Fifteen: Installation of retaining wall to expand the dirt to fence as well as grass seed spread. 

Project Sixteen

Project Seventeen

Project Eighteen

Project Nineteen

Project Twenty